Reverse any phone number to a name for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support international numbers?

At this time we're only able to support numbers in the US and Canada. Sorry.

I got "Unknown" as the name or something like "LA-CA ATT" as the name. What happened?

Sorry, but the service can't reverse 100% of the numbers in the US and Canada. Sometimes we have problems with certain numbers or there just isn't any name associated with that number. Also, if the phone numbers type is "wireless" then we may not be able to return a name, so information such as city, state and phone company name may appear as the name instead.

What is CNAM? And is your site really free?

CNAM stands for Caller ID Name. CNAM is stored in the phone company's computers in a massive database and the name is looked up based on the associated number. Our service does a free CNAM lookup on the phone companys database. No joke, is really free.

I got an error about doing to many lookups. How many lookups can I do a day?

To prevent any abuse, we limit you to 10 free reverse phone number lookups every 6 hours.